Dennis Hickey - Chief Executive Officer

Dennis is the primary principal of the company and has an extensive background in General Management, Sales and Operations. Over his 40 year+ career, Dennis has developed an excellent relationship among many of the country's largest financial institutions and credit grantors.

Since taking an ownership position of the company in the 1980's, Dennis has developed Common Collection Agency Inc. Inc. (CCA) with a strong foundation of principles based on best in class service excellence, integrity, ethics, a commitment to Customer Service and a zero defect Compliance policy.

Jeff Kerslake - President

Jeff has been with CCA for over 20 years and held an ownership position for 15 years. He has also held key management positions within the collection industry throughout his 30+ year career. Jeff is responsible and accountable for all day-to-day operations of the company and plays an integral part in developing and executing the company's long-term strategies.

Jeff is committed to ensuring that CCA complies with contractual agreements, including all aspects of Quality Control, management and oversight of financial controls, information systems, recovery performance, company policy and practices. Jeff also manages many client relationships directly.

Jeff is a Commissioner of Oaths and is a graduate of Fanshawe College, with his majors being Law and Security.

Todd Koyama-Asada - Vice President

Todd is an Accounts Receivable industry veteran of 30+ years and has been with CCA for over 17 years. He has served in various roles within the industry such as Collection Manager, Senior Manager National Operations, V.P Collections and SVP Collections overseeing call center, collection and trace operations for first party outsourcing, cure, reminder, primary contingency, secondary, tertiary, reserve recovery and purchased portfolios for National Canadian and U.S accounts receivable organizations.

Todd is a known industry expert in the areas of performance metric analysis, Workplan strategic development, staffing resource allocation modeling, as well as being ahead of the curve in the deployment of next generation technology.

As the head of Operations, Todd is responsible for achieving the company's reputation for performance excellence, consistency and the high levels of customer satisfaction.

Kathleen Thomas - Client Services/Administration Supervisor

Kathleen has 30+ years experience with CCA and has been a Client Care/Administrative specialist for 35+ years. As an integral part of our Management Team, she is a prime example of CCA's ability to cultivate organic growth within our own organization

Kathleen oversees CCA's Client Services and Administration departments. Kathleen has an outstanding reputation amongst CCA's clientele for delivering Client Service excellence by consistently under-committing and over-delivering.

We never make promises that we don’t keep!

Finally…in addition to consistent levels of superior performance, we will never do anything to break the trust that you have given us. Our eye is always on the ball. Your brand and your reputation are safe with us!

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